Illustrator David Doran has brought American Magic's three groundbreaking yachts to life on his canvas since beginning his series on the team in 2019. Four timeless installments have been released to date, and here Doran shares his thoughts on contributing to the rich artistic tradition associated with the America's Cup. 

Q: In terms of how the four-part American Magic artwork series unfolded, were you pleased with the pieces and the significant public response to them?

Doran: I’ve absolutely loved working on this project and have been overwhelmed by the public response to the artworks! With the approach we’ve taken of creating and releasing the artworks incrementally, it’s been wonderful seeing the anticipation build from the public as they wait to see and collect the next piece.

Q: In trying to capture this sport, did you learn anything about it yourself?

Doran: I’ve so enjoyed following the sport for the first time and watching each race online. I live in a harbor town with a rich maritime history, so sailing and seafaring is very much prominent to us. Learning about the America’s Cup and watching this extraordinary sport has been eye-opening to the world of sailing, and how sailing looks in this modern age.

Q: What were some of the challenges you encountered along the way?

Doran: When we first began this project, Covid 19 was a total unknown, and it’s undeniable that it’s had a huge impact on the racing, and subsequently on the process of making the artworks. We would have originally been working to create artworks based on other racing locations which changed due to the pandemic. Sadly for me, one of those was to be near our home, and we would’ve loved to have watched the boats sail and meet the team after so long of working together. Hopefully this will happen in the future!

Q: Do you recall any personal reactions or emotions as you followed the ups and downs of the team in Auckland?

Doran: We’d been following the Auckland races on YouTube and were so disappointed for the team when we watched Patriot be taken by the wind and crash. Having gotten to know and work with the communications team over the past 2yrs on the artworks, I felt a pang for you after all the work that had gotten your team to where you were with the boat.

It was amazing to see the teamwork required to get Patriot back on the water so quickly, and I hope that’s something they’ll always be proud of.

Q: How do you feel about being a part of an 170-year-old tradition of original artwork focused on the New York Yacht Club’s involvement in the America’s Cup?

Doran: It has truly been an honor to be involved in such an auspicious event and work with your team at the New York Yacht Club. The back-catalogue of America’s Cup artworks and posters had long inspired me before this project, and to now be a part of that history is very special. We have the series of posters framed at home, and it’s a project I’ll always be proud of.

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