In early December, American Magic released the second of a series original art by illustrator David Doran. Each of the four planned installments celebrate the journey of the team, and add to the rich catalogue of America’s Cup artwork that has grown since 1851. 

The second piece depicts the team's new AC75, DEFIANT, powering along near the team's winter home in Pensacola, Florida. Overhead, the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, who also train in Pensacola, can be seen. 

As the new pieces begin to make their way into the hands of America's Cup fans in the U.S. and worldwide, the artist took a moment to answer some questions about the project.

Q: What are your impressions of the unique shape of the boat, and what do you think of the modern era of high-speed America’s Cup sailing?

David Doran: "It’s been great researching the boat, and learning more about the process behind creating such an incredible piece of engineering. I’d seen this kind of technology in foil surfboards, but something on the scale of DEFIANT flying over the water is quite phenomenal!

The shape of the boat is tricky to draw...especially from the angle this poster shows. I love the fluidity of the shape."

Q: Are you trying to tie together the series installments in any way, from a color, thematic or composition standpoint, or is each installment going to be conceived as a standalone piece?

David Doran: "I see each poster as part of the overall series, but also individual artworks in their own right. I’ve hoped for each piece to feel unique to each of the varying locations, whether it’s through the colours, compositions or components within the artwork.

I love the idea of these images being collected, hung together perhaps, and even being passed down through generations."


American Magic posters and limited edition prints, signed and numbered by the artist, are available on our team store while supplies last.