190528_ROSS_IYRS_0072.ARW - Students at the International Yacht Restoration School at work in Newport, Rhode Island.
© Amory Ross

The IYRS School of Technology & Trades in Newport, Rhode Island, is one of American Magic's key Community Partners, working together to create a meannigful pathway for graduates to advance their careers through externships and full-time opportunities. Offering four different programs, Digital Modeling & Fabrication, Composites Technology, Marine Systems and Boatbuilding & Restoration, the IYRS curriculum gives students the necessary skills to step into a high-level America's Cup environment, surrounded by some of the industry's best talent. 


There are currently nine graduates on the team's roster of boutbuilders and shore crew:

  • Felix Schliebitz (2011 - Marine Systems)
  • Trevor Davidson (2018 - Marine Systems)
  • Peter Buffinton (2012 - Composites Technology)
  • Patrick Koar (2011 - Composites Technology)
  • James Allsop (2013 - Composites Technology)
  • Andy Leonard (2014 - Composites Technology)
  • John King (2015 - Composites Technology)
  • Scott Bancroft (2018 - Composites Technology)
  • Zach Caruso (2019 - Composites Technology)

The IYRS Mission Statement: IYRS provides experiential education, preparing students to enter a global maker and manufacturing workforce. IYRS teaches the art and science of making, building, restoring and maintaining, and in the process, helps its graduates build both careers and more meaningful lives – inspired by the knowledge that in their hands and through the use of technology, they have the power to make, build and maintain to a high standard.