Accelerating Progress: March 2024 Training Update from American Magic Women and Youth Teams

BARCELONA, Spain [March, 2024] - The American Magic Women and Youth Teams continued their journey toward the Youth and Women’s America’s Cup with intensive simulator and water training sessions. Both teams are committed to pushing the limits and laying the groundwork for their challenges on the waters of Barcelona in September and October 2024. Let's delve into their recent training endeavors.

American Magic Women's Team:

The Women's Team recently completed their third simulator training session in Barcelona, Spain. Led by seasoned sailors like Sara Stone and Helena Scutt, the team focused on developing crucial muscle memory for handling the boat's controls and buttons. Additionally, the team, including Anna Weis, Erika Reineke, Francesca Clapcich, and Steph Roble, have engaged in technical and tactical discussions, delving into the intricacies of the AC40 onboard systems logic and race-starting techniques seen in the two AC40 World Series Regattas in 2023. 

The learnings from the simulator were directly applied on the water as Stone and Scutt from the Women's Team made the most of their first opportunity to sail on the AC40 a few weeks ago. With a focus on safety training and hands-on experience, this training phase aimed to enhance the team's cohesion and readiness for competition.

American Magic Youth Team:

Meanwhile, the Youth Team embarked on their own journey of skill development and teamwork. Similar to their counterparts in the Women's Team, the Youth Team sailors have also immersed themselves in simulator training.

Under the guidance of the experienced simulator users Harry Melges, Severin Gramm, and Kyle Navin, the Youth Team members are rapidly expanding their knowledge and expertise in the AC40s, gaining invaluable experience controlling the boat's maneuvers and understanding the demands of different onboard roles. As they gear up for the next simulator training block, the Youth Team remains focused on continuous improvement and collaboration.

With the support of American Magic Coach Tom Burnham, the teams honed their skills in the AC40. “The dedication and commitment displayed by both teams are truly commendable. The focus on simulator training allows for a controlled environment where sailors can fine-tune their skills and build camaraderie,” said Coach Burnham. “Now, as we transition to on-water training, it was great to see the women and youth teams out on the AC40 for the first time. They did an awesome job; it was a valuable experience,” he added.

Both teams have demonstrated their unwavering determination to excel, and with a blend of simulation and hands-on training, both are forging ahead with their training schedule.

Stay tuned for more updates as the teams build team spirit and continue their program toward the Youth and Women’s America’s Cup.


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