Everything You Need to Know About American Magic's AC40 "America."

The new AC40 one-design yachts are foiling monohulls that measure 11.3 meters long and are capable of achieving high speeds in the high 40-knot range. They are incredibly agile and maneuverable, making them the perfect match-racing platform.

At the start of March, "America" was launched, and now, it is undergoing rigorous testing and development. Later this summer in Barcelona, Spain, the NYYC American Magic team will commence two-boat testing with a second AC40 yacht.

Click now to watch exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the NYYC American Magic team and their cutting-edge new AC40 yacht, 'America'.

NYYC American Magic Explained | Introducing our AC40, "America."

"We went out the first day, left the dock, and did the tow testing that was required just to check the systems and everything. We hoisted some sails and checked the geometry of the sails; we cut the tow and sheeted in, and three minutes later, we were foiling, and the first maneuver was a foiling tack," said Tom Burnham, Coach for NYYC American Magic.

"The AC40 with four people on board is two helmsmen and two trimmers. The windward helmsman is steering the boat; the only real control they need to do besides steering the boat is putting the board down and pulling it up. The leeward helmsman is like the flight controller, it's an autopilot and flight control on the AC40, but there are still a lot of settings involved in getting the boat to foil properly." Tom added. 




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