NYYC American Magic unveils logo to accompany 37th America’s Cup bid

NYYC American Magic is proud to announce the launch of its new Team logo. The updated design is a modern interpretation of the iconic coat of arms of the United States.

The American shield on the Great Seal of the United States represents strength and protection. It is a prominent element in the seal's design and carries significant symbolic meaning - "E Pluribus Unum," meaning "Out of Many, One." This phrase accentuates that the United States is a union of diverse individuals and communities who united to form a single nation.

The new NYYC American Magic team logo features a bold, streamlined design representing the team's five core values: unity, integrity, inclusivity, excellence, and innovation. In addition, three bars represent the team's founders. 

© NYYC American Magic

"We are excited to introduce our new logo to the world," said NYYC American Magic CCO Jon Persch. "Our updated design reflects the team’s vision for the future while continuing to represent our proud history, heritage, and tradition of New York Yacht Club and representing the United States."

The new logo will be rolled out across all of American Magic's digital and physical assets, including its website, social media channels, and marketing materials. It will also be featured prominently on the team’s new merchandise range, created in partnership with Helly Hansen.

Further details on the American Magic x Helly Hansen merchandise collaboration will follow in Spring 23.

NYYC American Magic Shield Logo Reveal



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